Gambling: ICC Cricket World Cup Odds

The ICC Cricket World Cup may be a year away, but this may be the best time to get good odds on the tournament. When a major tournament is very close, bookmakers tend to be more conservative with the odds they offer. When it is a year away, they pay less attention to the prices. For this reason, now is a great time to bet on the ICC Cricket World Cup.

The major contenders for this World Cup will be Australia, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, England and Pakistan. These are the teams that usually raise their performances to the required level in major tournaments. New Zealand and the West Indies are great sides, but they often flounder in ODI tournaments.

Cricket World Cup

Australia are set as the current favorites, with a price of 7/2. This would normally be an attractive price, but Australia is no longer the force they were. They are still a formidable side, but you would not expect them to pick up the trophy. South Africa are a poor bet, no matter what the team’s circumstances. They have never won a major tournament. Odds of 9/2 are good, but betting on them would be a waste of money.

Instead, the teams to look at are India and Pakistan. These are two of cricket’s most passionate nations. You never know what you are going to get with them, but they usually turn on the style at World Cups. They met in the semi-finals of the last edition, with India winning en route to the trophy. India are priced at 5/1 with Pakistan at 10/1. India is a great ODI nation right now, with a balanced batting and bowling line up. Pakistan is harder to predict, but if they get the squad selection right, they could be firing on all cylinders. Betting on either of these sides is a great idea.

Outsiders for the tournament would be Sri Lanka and England. Sri Lanka are at 8/1 while England are 10/1. Both countries are worth a bet if you prefer to take risks on underdogs.

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