Tazza 2 Based On Gambling, Doing Well

Gambling and movie aficionados have a source of double delight with new release Tazza 2: Hand of God. Sequel to Tazza: The High Rollers, this film charts the nephew of a card shark, who acquires slick card tricks of the trade from a young age.

Since its release the movie has been received well in Korea as well as internationally. Starring Korean superstar Choi Seung-hyun, popularly known as TOP, the movie is a thrilling romantic drama, packed with entertaining table scenes and strategic card play throughout.

Tazza 2

Exciting plot

An absorbing plot is unfolded through comedic and well dramatized scenes packed full of nimble-fingered card play. It is engrossing to watch the lead character Ham Dae-gil get involved in underground gambling operations and find himself playing for his life. Urged by an undying spirit and a passion to win, the lead character draws viewers into his turmoil of life as he tries to surpass his swindler.

Power-packed card games are shown throughout the film as Dae-gil battles opponents playing for the highest stake possible – his life. Initially used as a scapegoat by the reigning card shark, Dae-gil sets on a course of revenge. He outplays his opponents in his attempt to outsmart the big boss by entering a final card challenge.

Based on a comic series that illustrates the adventures of gambling card manhwa, Tazza 2 is the second in a compilation of four books. Success at the box office for Tazza 2 might bring into production part three and four as well.

Smashing the box office

Expertly directed by Kang Hyung-chul, Tazza 2 claimed the top spot at Korean box office for days together. During its first weekend alone, the movie grossed $9.70 million dollars, at theatres across the nation. Unfazed by Luc Besson’s film release Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansen and Morgan Freeman, Tazza 2 continues to hold its own at the box office with more views adding up every weekend.

Produced by Lotte Entertainment, the film has since grossed over $24.2 million in revenue according to data recorded by the Korean Film Council. Tazza 2 has quickly earned a spot as one of top grossing Korean films worldwide.