The California Hotel’s Keno Tournament

Keno is an easy-going game that can be played at leisure during a lunch hour or a coffee break. However, the fun is doubled when the game is played in a tournament.

Keno tournaments are becoming popular in the USA and are now being held quite regularly. Contests take place throughout the year at several venues in Las Vegas and California. With a plethora of casinos, the appeal of a keno tournament in Las Vegas is a bit different than that in the glamorous and laid back city of California.

The tournament highlights

KenoHeld from 3rd to 7th August 2014, the recent keno tournament generated quite a buzz even before it began. The highlight of the tournament held at California Hotel was the buy-in of $500, which could be played for in full. The tournament also offered $15,000 as the collective prize for all the games.

The excitement didn’t end with the prizes, though. This keno tournament was held for a single day and within the 24 hours; players had the chance to win not only the prize money, but many other gifts, as well. There were also lucky draws and free food coupons thrown in the mix. Players didn’t have to pay money from their winnings to the hotel, and it was an engaging event that was very well organised and executed.

Some tips for a keno tournament

May be you were not able to attend this year’s keno tournament held at the California Hotel. However, if you are planning to attend it the next year, remember that it is a fun event and not a place for aggressive gaming. The idea is to play a lottery game in the form of a tournament to give the event a competitive edge, but to maximise the excitement factor.

If you go into the California’s keno tournament, go with the mind set of fun and not of winning. You’ll win if you’re lucky, but if you don’t, remember that the buy-in amount is low, and you can use it for your wagers and just participate in the game.