Top Casinos in Canada

Canada CasinosCanada has numerous casinos that await guests from different parts of the world throughout the year. Many of these venues for gaming have now been turned to full-fledged resorts, and offer some of the best hotels, spas and gamer friendly casinos. In fact, the top casinos in Canada are straightaway holiday destinations in their own ways. Moreover, these are surrounded by either the country’s natural charm or the local history of the city that adds a lot more value to the places. In case you’re wondering about the top casinos in Canada, here’s what you need to know.

River Rock Casino Resort

Located in British Columbia, Canada – River Rock Casino Resort is unarguably the largest casino in the entire province of British Columbia. Owned by ‘Great Canadian Company‘, the casino is spread around 70,000 sq feet and houses more than 900 slot gaming machines along with 14 poker tables and separate high wager VIP room which is known as the Dogwood Club.

Caesars Windsor Casino

Situated in Windsor, Ontario – Caesars Windsor casino is operated by Caesars Entertainment and is owned by the Government of Ontario through the corporation that deals with lottery and gaming in the province of Ontario. Being close to the Detroit and Windsor border, the place is a magnet for gaming enthusiasts from both sides of the line. Along with an ocean of gaming slots in its main area, the casino also houses more than 14 poker tables and a lot more gaming areas.

Casino Niagara

Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario – Casino Niagara was started in the year 1966 and is owned by the Ontario lottery and Gaming Corporation. Casino Niagara has more than 1500 slot machines and about 40 table games. It also houses 4 restaurants and 3 bars along with 12 poker room tables. But what is most breathtaking about the casino is its location. It is built next to Niagara Falls, a natural wonder and a beauty.

The Best UK Games to Play

As is all so often the case when it comes to gambling tips and advice, deciding upon which of the limitless numbers of games out there are most worthy of your precious time is often difficult. After all, everyone is vastly different when it comes to taste. People like different things. That is a simple fact of life – and one which makes life more worth living in many respects!

online slots ukWith all of this in mind, just how are we supposed to determine which of the UK online slots are ‘the best’? Well, we could look at those which are the most popular online slots – as common consensus is often a very viable way of providing an insight into quality isn’t it?

As viable as it may be however, we should all strive to do things a little different once in a while, to learn a little bit more about both ourselves and the way of the world we inhabit. As such, let’s tackle this subject from a slightly different angle – let’s look at which games out there at the minute are likely to offer the most for free.

Dead or Alive Slot

This vivid and exciting slots from the good folks at NetEnt is sure to capture the imagination of any player. With a whopping 9 reels and 5 pay lines, the slot has been taking some serious attention in over the last year or so – topping many lists indicating the highest paying games of 2014 at the beginning of this year and set to the very same again this year.

Immortal Romance

This wouldn’t really be much of a games list if it didn’t feature the word ‘microgaming’ in the mix at least once. This is one of the companies many triumphs to surface over the past twelve months and is certainly worthy of anyone’s time. 5 reels, 243 ways to win and a slick, cold and dark theme for the black hearted amongst us to really get stuck into!

How to Play Live Blackjack

Live blackjack has already become one of the most popular live casino games. Every online casino offers live variants of blackjack on their platform. Some even offer special casino bonuses for live blackjack.

So, how is live blackjack exactly played?

Live blackjack online and offline: A comparison

live-blackjack-online-tableThere is no considerable difference between offline and online blackjack. The only difference of note is that in an offline blackjack, you are competing against the dealer as well as other players on the same table, while in live blackjack, you are just playing against the dealer.

Face Values of Cards

Face values of cards are just the same as in real blackjack.

Getting Started with Live Blackjack

  • The first and the foremost thing you have to do before getting started with live blackjack is to place a wager for a seat on the virtual table.
  • Just like in offline-version, the initial hand will expose two of every player’s cards and one of dealer’s cards. If a blackjack isn’t achieved in the initial hand run, you get to construct the lead using the remaining hands.
  • At this point, if any player’s cards read more than 21, they get busted off the table. The remaining players are then automatically updated with new scores.
  • If a draw occurs, your stakes are usually refunded to your casino wallet so that you can use those for playing other games or another round of live blackjack.

Hit or Stand?

This is the most pertinent question while playing live blackjack. With enough experience, you would know exactly how to assess the possible card combinations and decide whether to hit or to stand.

Getting The Most Out of Gambling Without Getting Addicted to It

Gambling which generally starts as a means of entertainment to pass time quickly becomes an addiction if you cannot control the urge to stop playing it. A compulsive gambler is not able to control the urge of gambling and will try to beg, borrow or steal to feed the habit, which becomes a sort of mental illness. There are many myths attached to gambling that forces people to have a negative attitude towards this recreational sport that feeds several families and is the only hope for people from humble origins that are aspiring for millions without indulging in crime.

There are several ways of enhancing your earnings with gambling without getting addicted to it among which the first is self control and acceptance of your limitations. Let us discuss the signs of danger so you know that it is time to draw the line and withdraw.

cards and chips

  1. You are unable to stop – The first sign of danger occurs when you cannot stop a game even though you are losing. When your game has started as a fun challenge then keep it at that level and do not let overwhelm you. Sometimes people allow gambling to engulf their whole life and are unable to quit.
  2. Gambling with money you need – When you gamble with money that is meant for real needs like fees, bill payments, groceries and other important requirements then it another sign of danger. Sometimes people even go to the extent of borrowing money for gambling which can be risky and dangerous.
  3. Making bigger bets to recover lost money – A balanced gambler is able to get the most out of gambling by knowing when to quit the table without making significant losses. A situation worse than borrowing money to gamble is when you make bigger bets to recover lost money and become anxious with every loss but cannot quit the ga

Global Sports Betting Market Valued at $3 Trillion

Patrick JayAt a recent United Nations conference held in Qatar on matching fixing cases, it was revealed that the global sports betting market could be worth $3 trillion. At the meeting which was jointly hosted by UN office of Drugs and Crime and International Center for Sports Security, betting expert Patrick Jay stated that in China alone nearly $1 billion worth of illegal wagering is made on single soccer matches as was witnessed during recent world cup. He stated that around ninety percent of sports betting occur in illegal markets which are not watched by any regulation agency. Patrick Jay also stated that some other experts who actually have data on sports betting can vouch for a higher figure which is growing every year. Data sharing has to be done by tracking agencies within the industry to nab the guilty and provide security to people brave enough to point out criminals in the industry.

Popular games preferred by punters

Global betting is centred on popular games like soccer, tennis and cricket and most of the illegal betting is centred around Asia on live televised matches. Soccer takes 65 percent of the betting cake while remaining is split between tennis and cricket at 12 percent. There is a time element attached to these betting practices as most gamblers that place the bets are from Asia they prefer games that are being played during late afternoon or evening their time instead of European timings.

Measure to control corruption in sports

In view of these staggering amounts the UNODC and ICSS have decided to form a partnership to adopt preventive measures for reducing match fixing by providing protection to whistle-blowers and seizing property of match fixers. A recent report of World Anti Doping Agency states that more than a quarter of global sports are controlled by organized crime and betting syndicates. Most members of these agencies expressed shock about how far the tentacles of sports corruption have expanded without anybody noticing its growth.