Top Casinos in Canada

Canada CasinosCanada has numerous casinos that await guests from different parts of the world throughout the year. Many of these venues for gaming have now been turned to full-fledged resorts, and offer some of the best hotels, spas and gamer friendly casinos. In fact, the top casinos in Canada are straightaway holiday destinations in their own ways. Moreover, these are surrounded by either the country’s natural charm or the local history of the city that adds a lot more value to the places. In case you’re wondering about the top casinos in Canada, here’s what you need to know.

River Rock Casino Resort

Located in British Columbia, Canada – River Rock Casino Resort is unarguably the largest casino in the entire province of British Columbia. Owned by ‘Great Canadian Company‘, the casino is spread around 70,000 sq feet and houses more than 900 slot gaming machines along with 14 poker tables and separate high wager VIP room which is known as the Dogwood Club.

Caesars Windsor Casino

Situated in Windsor, Ontario – Caesars Windsor casino is operated by Caesars Entertainment and is owned by the Government of Ontario through the corporation that deals with lottery and gaming in the province of Ontario. Being close to the Detroit and Windsor border, the place is a magnet for gaming enthusiasts from both sides of the line. Along with an ocean of gaming slots in its main area, the casino also houses more than 14 poker tables and a lot more gaming areas.

Casino Niagara

Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario – Casino Niagara was started in the year 1966 and is owned by the Ontario lottery and Gaming Corporation. Casino Niagara has more than 1500 slot machines and about 40 table games. It also houses 4 restaurants and 3 bars along with 12 poker room tables. But what is most breathtaking about the casino is its location. It is built next to Niagara Falls, a natural wonder and a beauty.

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