How to Play Live Blackjack

Live blackjack has already become one of the most popular live casino games. Every online casino offers live variants of blackjack on their platform. Some even offer special casino bonuses for live blackjack.

So, how is live blackjack exactly played?

Live blackjack online and offline: A comparison

live-blackjack-online-tableThere is no considerable difference between offline and online blackjack. The only difference of note is that in an offline blackjack, you are competing against the dealer as well as other players on the same table, while in live blackjack, you are just playing against the dealer.

Face Values of Cards

Face values of cards are just the same as in real blackjack.

Getting Started with Live Blackjack

  • The first and the foremost thing you have to do before getting started with live blackjack is to place a wager for a seat on the virtual table.
  • Just like in offline-version, the initial hand will expose two of every player’s cards and one of dealer’s cards. If a blackjack isn’t achieved in the initial hand run, you get to construct the lead using the remaining hands.
  • At this point, if any player’s cards read more than 21, they get busted off the table. The remaining players are then automatically updated with new scores.
  • If a draw occurs, your stakes are usually refunded to your casino wallet so that you can use those for playing other games or another round of live blackjack.

Hit or Stand?

This is the most pertinent question while playing live blackjack. With enough experience, you would know exactly how to assess the possible card combinations and decide whether to hit or to stand.

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